3 Ways to Invite Movement in Coaching: Tools for Momentum, Inspiration, and Change

  • 03/11/2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (EST)
  • The Westwood Club, 6200 West Club Lane, Richmond, VA 23226


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Estelle Brodeur, LLC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get out of your chair during a coaching session and invite the client to physically do something different? This presentation will provide at least 3 new and familiar ways to engage the body and mind that promote positive emotions, clearer thinking, and new client-desired behaviors.

Whether you work by phone or in person, come experience simple and effective techniques to increase clients’ creativity, understanding, and motivation. We will practice breathing, movement around the room, and laughter, tools which often produce instantaneous shifts in perspective. Join us and play with these techniques which both decrease the stress response and build possibility and well-being.

Please bring your journal if you have one. We will provide time to reflect on learnings and new ways you’d like to utilize these tools, personally or professionally.

Learning objectives:

1. Practice at least 3 ways to engage clients in physical movement

2.  Practice ways to incorporate movement on a 1-10 scale to promote change

3.  Practice accessible methods to increase calm and focus, learning, creativity, and bravery 

4.  Identify areas of core competencies these methods employ 

5.  Identify one action step to incorporate these tools in personal or professional life

About the Presenter:

Estelle coaches people who want to build a healthier life. Whether we focus on personal or work endeavors, we will identify barriers, create resiliency, develop goals, and secure habits for joy and satisfaction.

Estelle's knowledge and experience spring from two coaching schools and over three decades working in the fields of corporate wellness education, psychotherapy, and advanced nursing practice.

Estelle also orchestrates Laughter Yoga RVA, a group that promotes wellness using the practice of unconditional laughter. This summer, Estelle will complete a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program, bringing her love of traditional yoga practices into new territory!

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