ICF Philadelphia: When History Gets in the Way: Managing Difficult Situations in Coaching

  • 05/02/2016
  • 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM (EDT)
  • Teleclass


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What happens when you are caught “off guard” by something a client says or you sense that the coaching dialogue has taken a turn for the worst? At that point you may be tap dancing as fast as you can while attempting to sort it out. Or perhaps the client is positively effusive about you and your coaching and you feel uncomfortable. Episodes like these may indicate that the client’s history is getting in the way. Or, what happens, when your history emerges, clouds your thinking and may even contaminate the coaching?  

This presentation will go beyond “skin deep” to understand what is happening in these moments and provide tools and techniques to manage both types of situations.

These times, which happen more frequently than you can imagine, will challenge each of us to dig deep, be brave, be calm, manage the situation and be professional! Actual cases will be examined so that you can more readily identify these situations when they emerge and manage them in a way that the coach-client relationship may be maintained and strengthened. In the process, coach and client will each grow and expand their understanding. Come and engage in this spirited presentation and discover skills you never knew you had!

Objectives for attending this class:

  • Understand three psychological principles that may be operating when coaching derails
  • Identify what behaviors to look for that indicate possible trouble in the coaching relationship
  • Learn the “5 E’s” for managing difficult times in coaching
  • Discover ways to self-manage while dealing with difficult situations
  • Increase your knowledge, confidence, competence and professionalism for successfully managing difficult situations in coaching

About our Speaker:

Lynn Meinke, PCC

As a connoisseur of great coaching, Lynn Meinke, PCC, is dedicated to enhancing each person’s coaching abilities by sharing her knowledge of coaching while also relating each topic to the relevant ICF Core Competencies. As a coaching educator with over 16 years experience teaching all levels of coaching education, she lives and breathes coaching. 

Lynn is a senior faculty member at the Institute of Life Coach Training and on the faculty of the University of Texas at Dallas Executive Coaching Program. She teaches foundational and advanced levels of coaching, group coaching methodologies and dynamics, and provides mentoring, supervision and assessing.

She is the founder of Coaching Services International and the Centre for Coaching Education (www.CentreforCoachingEducation.com), which provides advanced topics for coaches desiring to deepen their coaching or expand their coaching repertoire.

Her highly acclaimed 2015 Coaching Series focused on the ICF Core Competencies. The series, hosted by the ICF Philadelphia Chapter, averaged 80 attendees per month. 

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