Coaching by Design

  • 02/10/2017
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (EST)
  • Westwood Club


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Monthly Luncheon

Price: Members $20 / Guests $30

It isn't surprising that design thinking is getting a lot of press lately. We need to accelerate our solutions to match the pace of our challenges. The creative and experimental cycle of iteration used by designers offers an agile, effective method for meeting this demand. This is true for manufacturers, for technology companies, and for advertisers. It is also true for anyone who would like to engage in a logical yet creative path to improvement. 

How can we, as coaches, utilize the principles of design thinking to help our clients define their challenges, prototype their solutions and monitor their effectiveness? 

Jennifer Einolf will address the intersection of design and coaching in a program that explores the design cycle framework and it's application.

Learning Objectives

1. To explore the design cycle framework utilized by designers to determine the real nature of challenges, iterate possible solutions, implement changes and analyze the efficacy of the outcomes. 

 2. To discover the practical application of design thinking in coaching 

 3. To encourage creativity in the lives and practices of coaches.

About Jennifer Einolf

On a long and circuitous path to Coaching, Jennifer Einolf has found herself in a lot of places of possibility. She earned a degree in English at William and Mary and a degree in Interior Design at Virginia Commonwealth University. This means she can make art and then describe it. She has worked designing hospitals, facilitating the daily operations of a synagogue, teaching art to the self-confessed uncreative and training churches on the use of social media. She has nurtured a delight-filled marriage, parented a quirky son through 15 eventful years (so far) and maintained an active social life with a network of oddballs, instigators, and divergent thinkers.

In all those journeys and in all those places, she has come to understand that her role has often been that of a coach—the person who is present, who asks the curiosity fueled, disruptive question that gives birth to hope and agitation and action and change. So she pointed herself toward a new possibility and attended Newfield Network for training in ontological coaching. Now, in her business, Bold Whisper LLC, she is blissfully facilitating her clients' path to real, meaningful, personal success. “What", she wonders, "is possible if we are all living our boldest life? "

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