Roanoke -The Next Level Coaching Presence: Creating your Empowering Coaching Triad

  • 03/08/2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Riverside III 2D


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March 8, 2019

Location: Riverside III 2D

Presenter: Sandi Boyd, PCC

Program Title: The Next Level Coaching Presence: Creating your Empowering Coaching Triad

As coaches, we know that the coaching presence is the foundation of what we give to our clients. What if we were able to take our presence to the next level? To serve our clients in a way that magnifies their resourcefulness and ability to achieve their outcomes quicker?

We can do this through our own emotions that control everything in our life-our mood, decisions and our actions!

By identifying the powerful positive emotions that control your patterns of behavior-Physiology, Focus and Language (the Triad) is vital to you showing up in a peak emotional state to serve your client to the best of your ability. When you show up in peak state you will influence your client’s emotional state allowing them to be more resourceful and creative to achieve and exceed their outcomes.

In this session, we will create your personal Coaching Triad. We will condition this peak state so you can access this powerful emotion to be fully present with your client and for them to achieve breakthroughs and solutions.


  1. Capture the physiology, focus/beliefs and language of a recent outstanding coaching/training experience where you are the coach.
  2. Discuss the impact the emotions you experienced had on how you were showing up.
  3. Create/draw an empowering Coaching Triad for how you will show up as a coach beginning now.
  4. Identify (2) opportunities where application of their Triad could serve them in other areas of their life.
  5. Commit to (1) action the coach will take immediately after this program to condition their Triad so it becomes who they are.

Bio Sandi Boyd is a graduate of Georgetown University, Leadership Coaching, Relationship Coaching Institute and the Robbins Research International Results Coaching Academy and has been a PCC certified coach for 9 years. She helps transform her clients lives through her Coaching Triad and the results focused, purpose drive and massive action coaching system. She also helps savvy, successful woman to date successfully and find the love they desire.

Sandi is a passionate about living her life to the maximum and to helping transform the lives of her clients. As an avid follower of Tony Robbins and has successfully completed 2 fire walks, 2 board breaks and the high wire/telephone commitment walk that has earned her the title of “Badass Sandi”.

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