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Amy Walton

Amy Walton: Growing a Better You!


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Amy Walton: Growing a Better You!
Virginia Beach
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Hailing from a very small town in North Carolina, Amy Walton has always sought to grow and improve herself (a good thing, since she's barely over 5' tall!). She believes that everyone is unique and gifted and has the potential to grow beyond the limits they put on themselves. Her passions are speaking, writing, and coaching women in the second half of life to live with purpose and passion. She considers herself a holistic coach, who helps her clients thrive mind, body, and soul.

A magna cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Amy has enjoyed careers in teaching, college admissions, newspaper consulting, and as an nonprofit arts director of development. She is also a published author and an engaging speaker and has a strong background in community leadership. Amy committed three years of studies that earned her certifications in life coaching, Christian life coaching, Joy Restoration Coaching, and retreat coaching, and stress relief coaching. She has studied under Master Retreat Coach Helene Van Manen and Leelo Bush, Ph.D, America's "Doctor of Joy." A lifelong learner, Amy continues her studies to provide added benefits to her clients.

She is the proud mother of two sons, a US Army major and an Apple Genius/musician, both of whom she raised as a single mother after suddenly losing her husband in a boating accident. Amy also has three beautiful (she's a bit biased!) granddaughters. Amy nurtures a balanced life by having regular workouts, taking long walks, traveling, writing, and guarding her down time. She is a member of Women United of the United Way of South Hampton Roads and the International Christian Coaching Association.

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Toastmaster of the Year, Outstanding Toastmaster, stories published in "A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Sons" and "A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers," recipient of numerous speaking awards on both the regional and state level of Toastmasters

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  • Career Development/Career Transition
  • Leadership
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Transitions
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