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ICF Virginia Volunteer Center

If you're looking for an opportunity to make connections and help cultivate a commUNITY of Coaching Professionals, consider volunteering with ICF Virginia.

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Board positions as of 12/13/2023


Estimated time commitment- 4-8 hours per month

The secretary of the International Coaching Federation Virginia Charter Chapter has a critical role in ensuring efficient administrative functioning. Their responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with board members to develop meeting agendas.
  • Recording meeting minutes personally or assigning the task to the past president.
  • Reviewing and revising minutes when delegated, ensuring accuracy and clarity.
  • Distributing the finalized minutes to the Board of Directors.
  • Initiating the compilation of items for the next meeting's agenda.
  • Facilitating board communications, including editing and drafting support.
  • Overseeing the preservation and documentation of the board's activities.
  • Monitoring action items agreed upon by board members during meetings.
  • Keeping track of and reporting on the progress of annual goals.

These duties are foundational to the board's operational transparency and the chapter's historical record-keeping.

Professional Development Directors (2 positions available)

Estimated time commitment- 4-8 hours per month

The Co-Director of Professional Development at the International Coaching Federation Virginia Charter Chapter is tasked with the strategic development and meticulous execution of educational events. Key responsibilities include:

  • Designing event criteria to ensure a varied range of presentations that align with the Board's strategic direction and member survey insights.
  • Planning and scheduling events with a forward-looking approach, aiming for a minimum two to three-month lead time.
  • Conducting thorough vetting processes for potential speakers to align with program standards.
  • Diligently tracking the outcomes, financials, and feedback of meetings to maintain budget adherence and drive continuous improvement.
  • Overseeing the management of in-person events, serving as the primary contact for presenters, orchestrating logistical details including venue, timing, and technical arrangements.
  • Crafting and disseminating event announcements, and liaising with the Communications team and Virtual Assistant for publicizing across various channels.
  • Facilitating video recording logistics, ensuring prompt payment for videographers, and managing the post-event distribution of recorded content.
  • Appointing meet-and-greet representatives, overseeing attendance tracking, and distribution of identification badges at events.
  • Collaborating with the Virtual Assistant to arrange catering services and acknowledging speakers with gratitude cards and honorariums.
  • Executing robust follow-up procedures, distributing speaker materials to attendees as approved.
  • In the realm of webinars, this role involves scheduling, promoting, and conducting preparatory meetings with speakers.
  • Handling the technical aspects of webinar hosting, ensuring a smooth experience for both presenters and attendees.
  • Performing attendee check-ins to facilitate post-webinar surveys and the issuance of Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs).
  • Ensuring a consistent post-webinar follow-up with the distribution of speaker materials, fostering an environment of ongoing learning and engagement.
  • Offer consultation to volunteers and hub leads in the execution of other continuing education initiatives. 

This position is crucial for promoting the growth and development of the chapter's members through well-organized and impactful professional development opportunities.

Membership Director (2 positions available)

Estimated time commitment- 4-8 hours per month

Director(s) are encouraged to convene and oversee a committee to assist in role.

The Professional Development Membership Board position at the International Coaching Federation Virginia Charter Chapter encompasses a suite of strategic and interpersonal responsibilities:

  • Manage online membership database (Instruction and support on system provided)
  • Create membership reports/data analytics to track the member experience and retention for example.
  • Conduct annual member experience survey.
  • Steering global and statewide membership initiatives, infusing vitality and growth into the chapter through targeted communications and engagements.
  • Crafting a suite of membership correspondences, including welcoming notes for new members, personalized renewal reminders, and enticing invitations for potential members such as students and businesses.
  • Ensuring a warm, personalized welcome for all visitors and new members at monthly meetings, in collaboration with the board.
  • Leading the new member integration process with a structured onboarding experience. During 1st Q FY 2024 develop and execute a Chapter onboarding program.
  • Organizing the logistics for state-wide in-person events in collaboration with program directors including:
  1. Setting up a welcoming registration area.
  2. Arranging name badges alphabetically for easy identification.
  3. Facilitating the check-in process through the chapter's online portal.
  4. Providing a friendly greeting to attendees, enhancing the communal experience.
  5. Liaising with the venue for any additional requirements.
  6. Counting meal participants to assist in accurate invoicing by the venue.
  7. Collaborating with the Virtual Assistant to arrange high-quality catering services for these events.

This role is pivotal in nurturing a robust and engaging membership environment, ensuring operational excellence, and enhancing the overall member experience.

Marketing & Communication Director (2 Positions Available)

Estimated time commitment- 4-8 hours per month

The Communications and Marketing Board position at the International Coaching Federation Virginia Charter Chapter is essential for amplifying the chapter's mission and enhancing its visibility. The role encompasses:

  • Crafting and spearheading a comprehensive communications strategy that reinforces the chapter’s core objectives and amplifies its mission and services to a broader audience.
  • Collaborating closely with various stakeholders, including the Virtual Assistant, to ensure a unified and effective communication narrative.
  • Strategic Duties:
    • Developing and executing annual communication campaigns that are in harmony with the chapter’s strategic goals, covering web presence, social media engagement, and publication initiatives.
    • Overseeing the communications budget, ensuring resources are allocated effectively throughout the year.
  • Operational Tasks:
    • Guaranteeing regular and effective communication of monthly meetings across various platforms, including the website, social media, and through partnerships.
    • Curating, refining, and coordinating the monthly newsletter, along with timely event notifications.
    • Maintaining the currency and relevance of the website with monthly updates.
    • Leading social media and member engagement campaigns to bolster community interaction.
    • Overseeing the editorial process and publication of member-contributed content through the guest-blog system.

This pivotal role is about creating resonant narratives that connect the chapter’s activities with its members and the wider community, ensuring strategic alignment in every message conveyed.

Director of Media Relations and Community Outreach 

Estimated time commitment- 4-8 hours per month

Director is encouraged to convene and oversee a committee to assist in role

The Director of Media Relations and Community Outreach plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visibility and community impact of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Virginia Charter Chapter. This role involves strategic management of media relations and community engagement initiatives, ensuring that the organization effectively communicates its mission, values, and programs to both the media and the broader community.

Key Responsibilities:

Media Relations Management:
Develop and execute a comprehensive media strategy.
Act as the primary contact for all media inquiries.
Prepare press releases, media kits, and other communication materials.
Build and maintain relationships with local, regional, and media outlets.

Community Outreach and Engagement:
Develop and implement outreach programs to engage the community and raise awareness about the ICF Virginia Charter Chapter.
Partner with local organizations, businesses, and community groups to promote coaching and its benefits.
Organize and participate in community events, workshops, and seminars.
Collaborate with other board members to integrate community outreach into overall chapter activities.

Internal Communication:
Keep the board and chapter members informed about media relations and community outreach efforts.
Encourage member participation in outreach activities.

Strategic Planning:
Contribute to the development of the chapter’s strategic plan, particularly in areas related to public relations and community involvement.
Set measurable goals for media engagement and community outreach.

Proven experience in media relations, public relations, or a related field.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong network of media contacts is desirable.
Ability to plan, organize, and execute events and campaigns.
Passion for coaching and community development.

Non-Board and Committee Volunteer Opportunities

We understand the importance of gaining real-world experience, particularly for aspiring professionals such as college students and individuals seeking to demonstrate their talents. Our organization offers a unique platform for those looking to enhance their resumes and acquire valuable references. We provide opportunities to showcase skills in a supportive and professional environment. We warmly invite volunteers who are eager to contribute and grow with us to reach out and join our team. Your journey towards professional development and meaningful experiences starts here with us!

International Coaching Week Committee (Up to 5 members needed)

Estimated time commitment- 2-8 hours per month

Join the dynamic team at ICF Virginia Chapter as a volunteer committee member for the upcoming International Coaching Week (ICW)! We are seeking enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help us plan and execute a week full of inspiring and engaging events across the state. This is your chance to contribute to the coaching community, enhance public awareness about coaching, and make a difference in people's lives.

Key Responsibilities:
Event Planning and Coordination: Assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of various events throughout the state during ICW. This includes workshops, seminars, public coaching demonstrations, and networking events.

Community Engagement:
Help in reaching out to and engaging with different community groups, businesses, and organizations to foster participation and collaboration.

Marketing and Promotion:
Work with the media relations team to effectively market ICW events. This includes creating promotional materials, managing social media content, and engaging with local media.

Logistics Support:
Assist in managing logistics such as venue selection, scheduling, attendee registration, and on-site coordination during events.

Volunteer Coordination:
Help in recruiting and managing volunteers for different ICW events, ensuring a smooth and successful execution.

Desired Qualifications:
Passion for coaching and community service.
Strong organizational and planning skills.
Excellent communication and team collaboration abilities.
Experience in event planning, marketing, or community outreach is a plus.

Time Commitment:
The committee will begin work [X months] prior to ICW and will require a commitment of approximately [X] hours per week, with increased involvement expected in the weeks leading up to the event.

Opportunity to network with coaching professionals and community leaders.
Gain valuable experience in event planning and community engagement.
Make a significant contribution to the growth and visibility of the coaching profession.
Receive recognition from ICF Virginia Chapter for your volunteer service.

Certification & Standards Committee (Up to 5 members needed)

Estimated time commitment 2-3 hours per month

The Certification and Standards Committee is a vital volunteer group within the ICF Virginia Charter Chapter. This committee is dedicated to informing, educating, and engaging both current members and those curious about coaching regarding certification processes and standards. The committee plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the standards of coaching are upheld and communicated effectively through various mediums.

Our Idea of key responsibilities which may change after committee forms and meets:

  1. Information Dissemination: Act as the primary source for information regarding ICF coaching certifications, standards, and updates. Ensure that accurate and current information is readily available for both members and interested individuals.

  2. Content Creation: Develop and provide written content such as articles, blog posts, and newsletters that explain and demystify the process of obtaining and maintaining ICF certification.

  3. Webinar and Workshop Facilitation: Organize and host webinars and workshops aimed at educating members and the public about the importance of certification, the process involved, and the standards required.

  4. Mentor Coaching Support: Coordinate and offer mentor coaching opportunities. This could involve matching experienced coaches with those seeking certification or professional development.

  5. Peer Coaching Initiatives: Promote and facilitate peer coaching programs that allow members to practice their skills and learn from each other in a supportive environment.

  6. Coaching Supervision: Provide or arrange for coaching supervision sessions to ensure ongoing development and adherence to ICF standards.

  7. Engagement and Outreach: Engage with members and the coaching-curious through various channels including social media, chapter events, and community forums to promote the value of ICF certification.

  8. Feedback and Insights: Gather feedback from participants and members to continually improve the resources and support offered by the committee.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Current ICF certification and a good understanding of ICF standards and certification processes.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience in educational program development and facilitation.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively in a team environment.
  • Passion for coaching, professional development, and community engagement.

Awards Committee

Estimated time commitment 2-3 hours per month and up to 8 hours if event executed

The Awards Committee is an essential component of the ICF Virginia Chapter, responsible for establishing and overseeing a statewide awards program. This program is designed to recognize and honor coaches and businesses that have made a significant impact through coaching and coaching initiatives. The committee’s role is to highlight excellence in the coaching field, celebrate achievements, and inspire others in the community.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Awards Program Development: Develop and implement a comprehensive awards program that recognizes excellence in coaching and related initiatives. This includes defining award categories, criteria, and the selection process.

  2. Nominations and Selection Process: Manage the nomination process, ensuring it is fair, transparent, and accessible. Oversee the selection of awardees, coordinating with an impartial panel of judges if necessary.

  3. Promotion and Outreach: Promote the awards program statewide to encourage a diverse range of nominations. Engage with the coaching community, businesses, and media to raise awareness of the awards.

  4. Event Planning: Plan and execute award ceremonies or events, whether virtual or in-person, to celebrate the recipients. This includes logistics, programming, and coordinating with relevant parties for a successful event.

  5. Partnership and Sponsorship: Explore opportunities for partnerships or sponsorships to enhance the awards program. Engage with potential sponsors and partners to support the program financially or through services.

  6. Documentation and Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of the awards program, including nominations, selection process, awardees, and event details.

  7. Continuous Improvement: Solicit feedback and continuously seek ways to improve the awards program for future iterations.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Active membership with the ICF and a strong understanding of the coaching profession.
  • Experience in event planning, program development, or related fields.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team and manage multiple tasks.
  • A passion for recognizing and celebrating achievements in coaching.

    Audio-Visual Professional Volunteer

    Estimated time commitment 2-4 hours per month 

    Role Overview:
    The ICF Virginia Chapter is seeking a skilled Audio-Visual Professional Volunteer to support our live hybrid events. This role is ideal for someone with expertise in audio-visual technology and a passion for creating seamless event experiences for both in-person and online attendees. Your contribution will be pivotal in enhancing the accessibility and reach of our events, ensuring a high-quality experience for all participants.

    Key Responsibilities:
    Event Planning and Coordination: Collaborate with the event planning team to understand the audio-visual needs for each event. Offer expert advice on the best practices and technologies to use for hybrid events.

    Setup and Operation:
    Handle the setup, testing, and operation of audio-visual equipment for live events. This includes sound systems, microphones, cameras, streaming software, and other AV technologies.

    Live Streaming Management:
    Manage the live streaming of events to ensure online attendees have a smooth and engaging experience. This includes handling the technical aspects of broadcasting and monitoring the online platform during the event.

    Provide on-the-spot troubleshooting for any audio-visual issues that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to the event.

    Post-Event Management:
    Assist with the breakdown of equipment and provide feedback or recommendations for future events based on the experience and attendee feedback.

    Training and Support:
    Offer guidance and, if needed, training to other team members or volunteers on basic AV setup and operations.

    Desired Qualifications:
    Proven experience with audio-visual technology in a live event setting.
    Familiarity with live streaming platforms and online event technologies.
    Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure.
    Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
    A proactive and collaborative approach to event support.

    Volunteer Blogger Role Description - Coaching Community (Several needed)

    Role Overview:
    We are seeking passionate and insightful volunteer bloggers to join our vibrant coaching community. Our goal is to provide a platform for voices in the coaching world to share their experiences, knowledge, and insights. As a blogger, you will play a crucial role in enriching our community with diverse perspectives and valuable content.

    Key Responsibilities:
    Content Creation: Write and submit a blog or blogs on topics related to coaching. This could include personal experiences, industry trends, coaching techniques, client stories, or other relevant subjects.

    Interact with readers through comments and discussions to build a lively and supportive community.

    Work with other bloggers and team members to generate ideas and ensure a cohesive content strategy.

    A strong passion for coaching and personal development.
    Excellent writing skills and the ability to convey ideas clearly and engagingly.
    Ability to commit to writing one blog post per month.
    Willingness to engage with and respond to community feedback.
    Previous blogging or writing experience is desirable but not mandatory.

    Fall 2024 - 5 K Exploratory Committee 

    Commitment 4 hours per month: January - March

    We are excited to announce the formation of an exploratory committee to investigate the feasibility of planning and executing a 5K event, aimed at uniting the Virginia community around the transformative power of coaching.

    Objective of the 5K Event:
    Our goal is to create an event that not only brings our community together but also serves as a platform to showcase what coaching is all about. We envision this 5K as a unique opportunity for coaches to network with businesses, clients, and the media, effectively communicating the impact and value of coaching in Virginia.

    Role of the Exploratory Committee:
    As a volunteer on this committee, your role will be vital in determining the practicality of our vision.
    Your responsibilities will include:
    Assessing the logistical needs and potential challenges of organizing a 5K event.
    Engaging with local businesses, media, and coaching professionals to gauge interest and support.
    Developing a strategy to effectively communicate the mission and benefits of the event to a wider audience.
    Exploring fundraising opportunities and financial viability for the event.

    Why Join?
    This is more than just an event. It's a chance to be at the forefront of a movement that aims to change lives through coaching. By volunteering, you will be contributing to a cause that supports coaching initiatives across Virginia, and in turn, fosters a stronger, more connected community.

    Impact and Benefits:
    Raise awareness and understanding of coaching and its benefits.
    Generate funds to support coaching initiatives in Virginia.
    Strengthen community ties and promote healthy lifestyles.

    Join Us:
    We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who share our vision of changing the world through coaching. If you are passionate about making a difference in your community and have a knack for organization and planning, we would love to have you on board.

    Benefits of Volunteering 

    Develop and enhance your leadership skills through volunteering. ICF Virginia offers leadership roles that provide real-world experience managing and leading teams. The teamwork and leadership skills developed by participating on a committee – or leading one – will help you hone the skills employers value in their employees. 

    Professional Development
    Enhance your resume by becoming involved. Employers like to see involvement in the community and a commitment to your career. ICF Virginia volunteering offers both in one resume statement. 

    Networking & Connections
    What better way to make meaningful connections than working alongside other professionals while you demonstrate your skills? Meet new people and work as a team to give back to the coaching community and/or run the business of ICF Virginia. You’ll develop lasting friendships while you expand your network. 

    Become part of the ICF Virginia team for Volunteers. Make a difference in our commUNITY. Have new ideas and skills that could benefit the commUNITY? We’d love to hear from you. Talk to any of our board members to see how you can get involved or send an email to

    Champions are important to volunteerism because the number one reason people volunteer is that someone asked them. I am an ICF VA Champion, and our volunteers are the ones who make the commUNITY thrive. If you have the time, I invite you start the conversation by completing the volunteer interest form. Stephanie Brown, ICF VA Board President

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